Jean-Louis Cohen


Modern Architectures in History

France, arguably more than any other Western nation, played a central role in the emergence and development of modernism across a variety of disciplines, with its architects in particular creating some of the most iconic buildings of the twentieth century. Yet few histories have attempted to grapple with the continuities and breaks in France's architecture since 1900, particularly against the broader international background. France: Modern Architectures in History is the first book to present a complete narrative of the unfolding of architectural modernity in France, dealing both with the buildings themselves and also the political and critical frameworks surrounding them. This book is based on more than three decades of research on the architecture and urban design of the francophone world, dealing t only with developments within France itself but also the colonial context and the systems of exchange with other countries including Italy, Germany, Russia and the United States. Jean-Louis Cohen offers a new perspective on ideas, projects and buildings too often considered in a narrow, nationalistic perspective.He also maps France's architectural and spatial development against its problematic search for national identity, the background of European rivalries and the country's colonial project. Authoritatively written and drawing on a wealth of recent research, France: Modern Architectures in History will be of interest to students, professionals and historians of architecture as well as in other fields of study.

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