Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi

The History of Architecture

From the Avant-Garde Towards the Present A Comprehensive Chronicle of 20th and 21st Century Buildings

What exactly gave rise to the phantasmagoric ­buildings of ­starchitects such as Zaha Hadid? How did inter­actions between artists and architects affect architectural production during the twentieth century? Which exhibitions and publications have had a lasting influence over the last century? This concise volume chronicles the move­ments and trends in architecture over the past 120 ­years. Written as a narrative but split into succinct sections, it makes for clear and compelling reading.  In his pithy and personal style, the Rome-based critic and archi­tectural historian Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi explores the events and motivations that have driven the work of leading archi­tects from Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn, to Rem Koolhaas and Kazuyo Sejima.

With over 700 illustrations and a comprehensive list of practitioners, this insightful chronicle is both visually ­appealing and easy to navigate. It covers buildings from across the globe and details projects by contem­porary archi­tects, bringing readers fully up to date.

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