Axel Hausberg ∕ Anton Simons

Architectural Photography

Construction and Design Manual [на англ. яз.]

This handbook on architectural photography gives an in-depth look into many issues surrounding the art of graphic documentation, from how to technically use equipment to tips in how to succeed as a professional in this field. It provides an explanation of design composition, a variety of post-processing techniques, color management, rendering, and much more.


  • Издатель: DOM Publishers
  • Berlin, 2016. 288 pp. : il.
  • Формат (мм): 225×280
  • Тип обложки или переплета: Hardcover
  • Тираж: 1000
  • ISBN: 78-3-86922-194-6

  • Количество в продаже: 1

  • 3000.00 ₽